Recorded in the Omniverus Studios in Winston-Salem, NC
Everett, Bijan, and Producer Tim discuss:

A show that is NCAA heavy.

Did FSU get screwed? Did they get it right? Can two things can be true?

Heisman Trophy finalist announced. Most deserving vs. Best debate again?

NCAA President Charlie Baker announced he wants the NCAA to create a new tier of D1 athletics where schools with the most resources can offer unlimited educational benefits and directly pay them through a trust fund. What would that look like? How would it affect college sports as we know them?

The Patriots vs Steelers game is set at an O/U of 30, which is the lowest it’s been in almost 30 years and the fourth or fifth lowest it has ever been. Even Producer Tim, the resident Steelers fan, doesn’t know how much he cares about the game. Why does the NFL insist on putting crap games on “prime time?”

All this and more…
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