APTOPIX Super Bowl Football

Recorded in the Omniverus Studios in Winston-Salem, NC
Everett, Ty, Bijan, and Producer Tim discuss:

Bijan is IN the studio this week.

Of course, there was a rather important game that happened this past weekend. Did the gang pick correctly?

There is a rather intense argument about whether the game was “boring” or not. Also, did Tony Romo break the FIRST rule of broadcasting? Why does he talk so much?

Caitlyn Clark will most likely break the NCAA D1 Women’s scoring record tonight. She has a real shot at the Men’s scoring record, as well.

A lot of NCAAM basketball talk. Does Men’s Basketball have a problem? No one mentions basketball until after the Super Bowl. But, by the time the SB is done, there are mere weeks left in the NCAA season…

All this and more…
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