Everett, Ty, Bijan, and Producer Tim discuss:

“It comes down to which team can control the trenches. Who will win the battle of the lines? Will there be surprises in the Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and Eagles!” #FanInterference #SuperBowl #ChiefsvsEagles

After predicting the Super Bowl wrong, Bijan and Ty, both Eagles haters, must fight with themselves to decide who to root for as the Eagles, gifted an easy pass to the Super Bowl, face off against the Chiefs in a compelling battle of elite quarterbacks and heavy-duty trenches.

The hosts discussed the Chiefs and Eagles’ paths to the Super Bowl. They discussed the Chiefs’ ability to keep games close, the Eagles’ three-leaf clover of luck, the Chiefs’ pass-heavy offense and the Eagles’ offensive and defensive lines.

They also discussed the running games of both teams and the Chiefs’ defensive coordinator, Spagnuolo. Both teams have had an easy path to the Super Bowl, but the Eagles have the advantage in the trenches and with their receiving core. The hosts are nervous but excited to see the match-up and who will come out on top at the Super Bowl.

Also, the winningest coach in Women’s Field Hockey, Karen Shelton retires from UNC after 42 years and 10 NCAA Championships. Her replacement is Erin Matson, the best field hockey player in the world, who is only 22 and just graduated from UNC. Can a 22-year-old command a team that may have players older than her or that were just teammates?

Who is the GOAT in men’s tennis? Djokovic has 10 Aussie Open titles and 22 majors. Nadal has 22 majors, 14 of which are from the French Open. Federer retired with 20 majors, eight of which were Wimbledon. Should Grand Slam wins be the benchmark? Are there just not that many good players?

1. Will Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes be able to outsmart the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl?
2. What will be the outcome of the battle between two third-tier running backs in the Super Bowl?
3. Will the Eagles be able to exploit the Chiefs’ defensive line to win the Super Bowl?

“Mahomes is fun to watch. Do I hate the Chiefs? No, I don’t hate the Chiefs because I’ve always loved good quarterback play and Mahomes is fun to watch.”

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