Recorded in the Omniverus Studios in Winston-Salem, NC
Everett, Ty, Bijan, and Producer Tim discuss:

The CFP confirmed the 5-7 model, which is not surprising to anyone. So the format will be five conference champions (ACC, SEC, B10, Big 12, and the highest “Group of Five” champion) will get the automatic bids. And there will be seven “at-large” teams chosen. The top 4 receive a first-round bye. However, you must be a conference champion to get a 1st round bye which means Notre Dame can never be ranked higher than fifth.

There was some hullabaloo about the NBA All-Star game that ended 211-186. Do we need all-star games anymore? What is their benefit? Does the average fan watch or care?

And, “Breaking” is now an Olympic sport? One of the gang was a VP of the “Breakdancing Club” in the 7th grade… but who? And why is this an Olympic sport?

All this and more…
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